Leaders in Professional, Continuing and Online Education

PCO Leader Courses

Explore leadership within higher education at a new level by focusing on how to responsibly manage people, data, and ideas with the PCO Leader courses. Participants will learn how PCO leaders identify and explore opportunities in collaboration with campus colleagues and other professionals in the field.

Upon successful completion of each course, participants will be awarded an UPCEA-backed badge. Courses can be taken individually and in any order. Each course is four weeks long. Complete all five Leader courses successfully and receive the Leader Certificate

Leading with Diplomacy, Data, and Drive: the Unique Imperative of the Professional, Continuing, and Online Leader

The Role of Educator: Expanding Academic Horizons

The Role of  Ambassador:  Connecting Academic and Real Worlds by Engaging Those in Business, Community, and Government

The Role of Innovator: Managing An Adaptive, Agile Organization

The Responsible Professional: Managing Through Transparency, Integrity, Quality, and Accountability