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UPCEA's online professional development courses can be taken individually and in any order. Courses are primarily asynchronous and online, and include a weekly live virtual classroom meeting hosted in Zoom. Courses count towards the UPCEA Professional, Continuing, and Online Education Professional (PCO Pro) Certificate. Complete five UPCEA courses within two years and earn your UPCEA PCO Professional Certificate! Learn more.

Forecasting, Budgeting, and Managing Money in an Environment of Uncertainty and Risk

Faculty Member: Dr. Gary Matkin, Dean Emeritus, Continuing Education at University of California Irvine; Course Developer and Faculty Member

How do those in online and professional continuing education analyze opportunities, project revenue and expenses, identify prudent ways to manage resources, monitor cash flow, and mitigate financial disaster? How do you measure success and respond to failure, reallocate resources, and determine new investment opportunities? Those in online and professional continuing education often operate as a stand-alone business by relying on revenue to support operating costs, and depending on forecasting, cash flow, and agile pivoting to new strategies.

Next Offering: 05/13/2024

Overview of Online and Professional Continuing Education

Faculty Member: Dr. Amy Heitzman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Learning Officer, UPCEA

What are the various ways universities organize and empower their units for online and professional continuing education? What are some unique features and approaches within these entities, particularly in how they address the educational needs of adult learners? This course provides a broad understanding of the variety of roles and models for online and professional continuing education across the academic landscape -- and the issues and opportunities they face. This course also looks at internal organizational structures, skill sets, and staffing, and discusses professionalism and the role that UPCEA plays in networking and educating those in this domain.

Next Offering: 05/13/2024

Program Planning and Oversight in Online and Professional Continuing Education

Faculty Member: Julie Uranis, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Online and Strategic Initiatives, UPCEA

This course provides essential background on the process of program planning, good sources of information to guide essential elements in the process, and perspectives online and professional continuing education professionals should consider when planning programs. Participants will have an opportunity to explore program planning, collaborate and share perspectives, and will be encouraged to create a non-mandatory program plan of their own with the goal of developing a better sense of the considerations necessary to build a successful and sustainable program.

Next Offering: 05/13/2024
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