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Upcoming Professional Development Courses

Academic Strategic Planning in a Constantly Changing Environment
Faculty Member: Dr. Vickie Cook

What are the processes for identifying opportunities, developing evidence, determining goals, defining key milestones, establishing accountability, and measuring outcomes? How do you engage others in these processes? This course explores how strategy combines analysis and action. Learning, planning, implementing, and reassessing permeate all levels of professional, continuing, and online education -- more so than perhaps any other area of higher education.  

Next Offering: 1/9/2023

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Forecasting, Budgeting, and Managing Money in an Environment of Uncertainty and Risk

Faculty Member: Dr. Gary Matkin

How do those in professional, continuing, and online education analyze opportunities, project revenue and expenses, identify prudent ways to manage resources, monitor cash flow, and mitigate financial disaster? How do you measure success and respond to failure, reallocate resources, and determine new investment opportunities? Learn more.  

Next Offering: 2/20/2023

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PCO Diversity by Design: Developing Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Programs, Pathways and Partnerships

Faculty Member: Angie Kamath

This course will examine and explore pragmatic approaches to the opportunities and considerations for PCO units in developing and implementing programming focused specifically on meeting the diversity, equity and inclusion goals of their institutions and communities. We will take a comparative and national perspective on underserved populations and ways their higher education needs can be addressed.  

Next Offering: 2/20/2023

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Program Planning and Oversight in Professional, Continuing, and Online Education

Faculty Member: Dr. Julie Uranis 

How do those in professional, continuing, and online education create their program portfolio?  How are resources marshalled and managed?  This course explores how an often unique mix of programs can be designed, developed, and delivered -- on-campus, on-site, and online.  

Next Offering: 4/03/2023

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Creating and Motivating PCO Enterprises

Faculty Member: Nancy Coleman, Ed.D.

What is the best way to organize the human resources of a PCO education unit? What are some of the various overall structures employed in designing a PCO unit, and their pros/cons? How are teams assembled to design and launch new programs? How do you integrate and work with those elsewhere in the university and outside (vendors)? How can you maintain high performing operations that balance continuous improvement and innovation?  

Next Offering: 4/03/2023

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