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Upcoming Professional Development Courses

Understanding the Adult Learner and Other PCO Constituencies in Professional, Continuing, and Online Education

Faculty Member: Andy Atzert, Dean of College of Professional and Continuing Studies, Adelphi University  

Who are the constituents and stakeholders that compose the ecosystem of Professional, Continuing, and Online Education? What are the unique characteristics and educational needs of adult learners?   How do the characteristics of the student market determine how programs are designed and delivered?

This course examines prospective student markets and how to address their educational needs. This course also examines the roles of employers, communities, and government agencies in creating educational opportunities.

Next Offering: 01/08/2024

Program Planning and Oversight in Professional, Continuing, and Online (PCO) Education

Faculty Member: Julie Uranis, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Online and Strategic Initiatives 

Program planning is exciting, complicated, and dependent on the contexts and variables that exist at an institution. This course provides essential background on the process of program planning, good sources of information to guide essential elements in the process, and perspectives PCO professionals should consider when planning programs.

Next Offering: 01/15/2024

Markets, Marketing, and Market Research in Professional Continuing and Online Education

Faculty Member: TBA 

How are new and changing markets identified? How are programs - in both content and format - developed to meet the needs of learners? How can data analysis help shape ongoing understanding of markets? 

This course will explore the processes and operations that convert markets into enrollments.

Next Offering: 02/19/2024

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