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Markets, Marketing, and Managing the Cycle from Prospects to Learners - November 2022

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Jim Fong


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How are new and changing markets identified? How are programs -- in both content and format - developed to meet the needs of learners?  How can data analysis help shape ongoing understanding of markets?  This course will explore the processes and operations that convert markets into enrollments.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding Markets in a Higher Education Environment
  • Understanding Markets and Research 
  • The Enrollment Management Process
  • PCO Marketing in the Modern World

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and contrast how decisions are made regarding programming, marketing and enrollments
  • Gain an understanding of how information could influence the process
  • Understand the tools of market research in the new program development process
  • Walk through scenarios of how information can help enhance the program development, marketing or enrollment management process
  • Gain an understanding of PCO marketing structure
  • Integrate information into marketing and enrollment management for a new generation.

Who should take this course? 

This course is designed for new and mid-career PCO professionals, especially those who work in program development, marketing, and enrollment management who seek practical and applicable knowledge on the best ways to market their programs and understand PCO marketing in the modern world. 

Format and Schedule

This is a four week course consisting of about five hours of weekly course work made up of readings, asynchronous activities, and a weekly one hour live class meeting via Zoom. The schedule for the weekly meetings will be shared soon. 

Jim Fong

Chief Research Officer


Jim Fong is the Chief Research Officer for UPCEA and founding director of UPCEA’s Center for Research and Strategy.  Prior to joining UPCEA, Jim worked was the Director of Marketing, Research and Planning for Penn State University Outreach where he helped with the launch of the University’s World Campus. In addition to these experiences, Jim worked as an analyst for a consulting company, as well as a marketing agency.  He holds a B.S., M.S. and an M.B.A. from The University of Vermont.

Jim teaches Strategic Marketing in the MBA program at Framingham State University (MA) and has developed a market research module for UC Davis. He has taught a variety of marketing, research and strategy courses at a number of colleges and universities. 

When not working, Jim is out cycling, testing new cooking recipes, sampling new microbrews or playing fantasy sports.


See what past participants have said about this course 

"This was a great course. Well structured and very informative."

"Jim provided tremendous resources for a grounding in market research. The reports were very helpful for learning."

"Jim seems absolutely expert. He is great at facilitating group discussions and I feel lucky to have had such a wonderful teacher."

"I really enjoyed the variety of learning through videos, content to read, presentations, and group work. I thought it was well organized and instructions were clearly defined. I think my favorite parts were learning from some the guest speaker videos. There was plenty of variety in the content that was very relevant to what I was hoping to receive."

"I really do appreciate Jim's hands-on experience, his research, and his style. He engaged us across a very varied background."

"I absolutely loved what I got from this course. The readings and other references like past UPCEA conference presentations were extremely valuable to me! The assignment was challenging and has got me thinking about research for program development in a whole new way!"

"Jim is clearly an industry leader."

"A genius in this area! I really do appreciate his hands-on experience, his research, and his style. He engaged us across a very varied background."

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