Leaders in Professional, Continuing and Online Education

Academic Strategic Planning in a Constantly Changing Environment - March 2021

What are the processes for identifying opportunities, developing evidence, determining goals, defining key milestones, establishing accountability, and measuring outcomes? How do you engage others in these processes? This course explores how strategy combines analysis and action. Learning, planning, implementing, and reassessing permeate all levels of professional, continuing, and online education -- more so than perhaps any other area of higher education. 

This four week course will consist of about 5 hours of asynchronous online coursework and weekly live virtual classroom meetings hosted in Zoom.  Please be sure you are able to join a Zoom meeting prior to these events. Live classroom attendance is strongly encouraged but not mandatory. If you are unable to attend live classroom meetings, recordings of those events will be posted in the course shortly after the meeting. 

Live Video Conference Schedule TBA

Important: Please do not start coursework before the course start date of 01/13/2021

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