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The Entrepreneurial Imperative - May 2023

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Kevin Currie


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How are new opportunities identified and implemented?  How do professional, continuing, and online professionals succeed in a competitive and ever changing environment? More than any other academic unit, the professional, continuing, and online enterprise is responsive, agile, risk-taking, and innovative -- all qualities of entrepreneurs, but within the realities and constraints of complex institutions. This course will explore how to navigate and innovate within a dynamic environment. 

Hear more about this course from facilitator Kevin Currie as he shares some key takeaways, for whom it will be most beneficial and why he is excited to be a part of it in this short video. 

Topics Covered

  • Defining Entrepreneurship in PCO Units
  • Entrepreneurship in a Team Environment
  • Risk Taking and Mitigation
  • External Considerations in Creative Program Development

Learning Objectives 

  • Define innovation in entrepreneurship in the context of higher education 
  • Examine how PCO units have been leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship 
  • Understand how individuals function as a team in a nimble organizational structure 
  • Identify how risks are determined 
  • Balance risk-taking and risk-aversion
  • Assess academic and business goals 

Additional Benefits of this Course

Part of the emphasis of this course is to encourage participants to become PCO experts within their institution.  Having the confidence to make and sometimes defend decisions is extremely important for the effective and successful management of a PCO unit.  This course provides attendees an introduction to some of the tools available that will assist them in this endeavor. Participants are exposed to many of the free research-based resources available to them that will assist in their decision-making process for areas such as marketing, program selection, outsourcing, and organizational structure.  In addition, current “entrepreneurial” events in higher education are presented and discussed in the live classes and discussion boards.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for higher education administrators in professional, continuing, and online education units who seek to learn about how PCO units can be responsive, risk-taking and innovative. This course has been especially helpful for those individuals who have transferred into a PCO unit from elsewhere within their institution, transitioned into a new position within the unit (i.e., marketing to program management), or are participating in the revamping of a PCO unit. 

Format and Schedule

This is a four week course consisting of about five hours of weekly course work made up of readings, asynchronous activities, and a weekly one hour live class meeting via Zoom. The schedule for the live class meetings will be shared soon. 

Kevin Currie

Chief Executive Officer

Continuing & Professional Education Consulting Group

In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer of the Continuing & Professional Education Consulting Group, Kevin Currie works with institutions on new program identification, existing program evaluation, and unit reorganization or creation. Previously, Currie served as Special Advisor to the Dean of the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University and as Executive Director of Northeastern University Online. Prior to this, he served as the Senior Associate Dean of the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University, and as the Director of the Corporate Training Group at Boston University. He earned his B.A. in English from Framingham State University, and holds a Certificate in Training and Development from Boston University.

See what past participants have said about this course: 

"The instructor was super informed and current on every topic for discussion. Always had insight that was helpful and pertinent to what everyone is dealing with in higher ed." 

"I really liked the shortened length (4-5 weeks), and the standard structure. I appreciated having readings gathered for me so I didn't have to search for them. I liked being able to participate in live sessions."

"Professor was excellent. Readings were very relevant and spot on to the very topics we are handling currently in our unit."

"The content was right on target, I learned and enjoyed what I learned. The assignments were thoughtful but not overly taxing."

"I found the instructor to be very knowledgeable about the subject matter and appreciated the current events he tied into the course. Plus, I appreciated him being willing to engage in conversation that was directly related to our own work rather than force his planned presentation."

"Kevin was so wonderful and his feedback in the discussions and in general were so insightful and helpful. I really appreciated learning from him and how accessible he made the course."

"I really appreciated that there was a script to follow for the pre-recorded videos (it made the class much more accessible), and it was well-oiled for asynchronous work, which is the way I needed to participate in this class. The readings were also relevant and really helpful in learning the material for this course."

"Very well structured. I really appreciated live classes being recorded, since I also have a child at home due to the pandemic."

"Dr. Currie did a wonderful job organizing the topics and course content. I also appreciated him emailing the class additional material surrounding the week's topic."

"I loved being able to participate in a live discussion, and Kevin was skillful in pulling people into conversation and providing direction."

"Kevin did an outstanding job organizing and outlining the course. Content was relevant and beneficial."

"A sage! I felt lucky to learn from this expert."

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